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9 Signs and Symptoms of Diabetic Gastroparesis

Gastroparesis is a serious condition that may be the result of diabetes and can make the condition worse. In addition to other complications resulting from diabetes, nerve damage is one long-term effect. The vagus nerve which regulates digestion and stomach functioning can be adversely affected by diabetes. If the vagus nerve is damaged, it may […]

15 Must-Avoid Foods If You Are on a Diabetic Diet

When it comes to diabetes, there are definitely some foods out there that you should eat. There are lots of food items, including some really great tasting fruits and vegetables that actually help with diabetes. There are spices, herbal remedies and basic food staples like meat, starches, carbohydrates and more. While you may know many […]

9 Signs and Symptoms of Diabetes in Children

type I diabetes is often called juvenile diabetes because of the fact that it is usually diagnosed in adolescents. Having regular checkups is definitely going to go a long way towards finding out if your child has diabetes or not, but even more important than having regular checkups is knowing the signs of juvenile diabetes. […]

10 Shocking Stats about Diabetes

When it comes to diabetes, many people think that they are well-versed in the disease and how it works, mostly because it is widely discussed in the media and everyone knows someone who suffers from. But there are actually some statistics about diabetes the most people are shocked to discover. Diabetes is a serious condition […]