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20 Foods to Help Control Diabetes

You have a lot of choices in this world when it comes to the food that you eat. But when you have diabetes, choosing your food has to be done very carefully. That’s because managing your diet and exercise is the most effective thing that you can do to manage your diabetes, aside from insulin […]

12 Best Foods to Avoid Getting Diabetes

Diabetes affects 29 million Americans, but many people might be suffering from this condition and not know it. Those diagnosed with diabetes may take insulin, avoid eating certain foods, and take conventional treatment to deal with their condition. However, many more people have prediabetes, which often goes undetected. Prediabetes is characterized by a high blood […]

8 Symptoms of Diabetic Retinopathy

Diabetic Retinopathy is simple a complex phrase that means “eye problems due to diabetes.” It is a complication that stems from the damage that diabetes does to the blood vessels that line the retina – the organ that is sensitive to light – at the back of the eye. You may not even know you […]

9 Signs and Symptoms of Diabetic Gastroparesis

Gastroparesis is a serious condition that may be the result of diabetes and can make the condition worse. In addition to other complications resulting from diabetes, nerve damage is one long-term effect. The vagus nerve which regulates digestion and stomach functioning can be adversely affected by diabetes. If the vagus nerve is damaged, it may […]