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16 Signs of Hyperglycemia

Often, people use the words “hyperglycemia” and “hypoglycemia” interchangeably. This is understandable because they are similar and both related to diabetes. However, while hypoglycemia means having low levels of blood sugar, hyperglycemia is just the opposite. When you have hyperglycemia, your blood sugar levels are seriously elevated, and this is a serious problem. Of course, […]

20 Tasty Diabetic-Friendly Recipes

If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, chances are that your doctor has recommended you make modifications to your diet. Since diabetes affects the way your body breaks down glucose, modifying your diet is important, as it allows you to better manage your blood sugar levels. Even if you are using insulin to control your […]

5 Things that Cause Diabetes

Diabetes is a serious illness that affects millions of people all over the world. In the United States, nearly one out of ten people have it, with a total of 29 million people. Fortunately, it is a manageable disease, and with insulin and the right diet and exercise plan, someone with diabetes can live a […]

9 Fruit Types for Diabetics

One of the common misconceptions about diabetes is that patients need to avoid fruit because an overload of glucose could come from eating apples, pears, and oranges. While there are some things to be aware of when it comes to fruit and diabetes, the myth that fresh fruit should be avoided is simply not true. […]