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9 Signs Your Child May Be Battling With Diabetes Type 1

Type I diabetes often called juvenile diabetes, is a genetic disease that is usually diagnosed in early childhood. However, because doctors do not do blood sugar testing during the regular course of an examination, you have to be aware of the signs and symptoms of diabetes. However, the first thing you have to be aware […]

24 Symptoms of Diabetic Neuropathy

Diabetic neuropathy is a condition that happens in the more advanced stages of diabetes. Neuropathy just means that there are problems with your nerves. This can present as a variety of nerve-related symptoms like tingling, numbness, pain, or much more serious problems. There are two classifications of diabetes. While both are serious, type I is […]

20 Tasty Diabetic-Friendly Recipes

If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, chances are that your doctor has recommended you make modifications to your diet. Since diabetes affects the way your body breaks down glucose, modifying your diet is important, as it allows you to better manage your blood sugar levels. Even if you are using insulin to control your […]

20 Foods to Help Control Diabetes

You have a lot of choices in this world when it comes to the food that you eat. But when you have diabetes, choosing your food has to be done very carefully. That’s because managing your diet and exercise is the most effective thing that you can do to manage your diabetes, aside from insulin […]