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12 Symptoms of Diabetic Ketoacidosis

When it comes to diabetes, there isn’t much more serious than diabetic ketoacidosis. This is a major complication of diabetes that can happen when the body produces far much of a series of blood acids that are called ketones. This is directly caused by the body’s inability to produce insulin, so it affects those with […]

12 Best Foods to Avoid Getting Diabetes

Diabetes affects 29 million Americans, but many people might be suffering from this condition and not know it. Those diagnosed with diabetes may take insulin, avoid eating certain foods, and take conventional treatment to deal with their condition. However, many more people have prediabetes, which often goes undetected. Prediabetes is characterized by a high blood […]

17 Symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes

Diabetes is a condition in which a patient stops being able to use insulin. This may be a result of their body stopping producing insulin in the necessary amounts, or it might be due to a decreased insulin sensitivity, meaning that their body no longer responds correctly to the insulin that gets released. Type 1 […]

10 Warning Signs of Diabetes Type 2 You Should Not Ignore

There are a lot of people diagnosed with diabetes in this country. In fact, experts predict that half of the people in the United States currently have diabetes or suffer from prediabetes. That makes knowing what the warning signs are of this potentially deadly illness extremely important. Perhaps the most important of the warning signs […]